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I develop softwares for Windows Linux or Mac , web applications or mobile applications

I gives solutions for problems which people face while they develop softwares , For example when students of Software Engineering doing final projects, some times they are unable to develop a part of their system. So they contact me. I'm not only giving solution software but also I making them think how to handle such situation. Water in the ocean is made up of pure water and table salt++ but in big number.

Creaking blocks while software Development

Some software Developers find some projects are very hard It is hard not because of the programming language they use but logically, when it is logically complex they approach me I give simple solution. Some accept that is really hard some will not accept the reality. We can look in to a problem in different angles and find a simple way to solve it. I do so.

Play with programming

Short time programming training class for Undergraduates. Programming is a interesting game we just gives instructions but the hardware is going to do hard work. I made people enjoy programming but they must eager to learn