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Software every where so we need Software and Software Developers I'm a software Developer.

We need it to Make it possible

Any where without software ? In house many things working with software. When you get in Car or Bus softwares are there. When you go to office to check your identity, when you get inside of your office you may start working with many softwares. When you work properly then when you want relaxing you need software even for massaging. When you are ill then when you go to hospital you will use software. When you go home early you need software to communicate with your loved ones or when you wanted to go late to inform your loved ones need software. So whether we think about this or failed to we are living with softwares. My part as a Software Developer who wanted to Develop intelligent at a same time user friendly software for Clients need.

Do we have technologies to make it possible ?

  • Do we have technologies to make it possible ?
  • Do we have technologies to make it possible ? When I talk about this year we have many technologies which we can make our software as we expected. Either in Oracle , Microsoft or Apple. We are in a good time so switch your mind to current technologies to Develop something which will give positive thinking to you please don't suffer with the softwares created by older technologies many years before with lack of facilities. So give the burden to Developers and make your life easy.
  • Even the current Development Environments make Developers life easy by auto generated codings we must do logical part but many auto generated coding part avoided the unnecessary time consumption.
  • Thank You