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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions I face

Q: [How much money I need to spend for to finish this software ? How long It will Take ? ]
A: [We can build a house for 100x $ or 10000x $ while both are houses according to the time i spend the coast will differ. some people think software development is like cooking chicken no it is like making egg become big hen or Cock we need to feed carefully and do necessary things during the development life cycle to get the Software as we expected so cooperation with developer is important when Developer is happy the software also reflect in It's functions and appearance]

Q: [Programming in C++ is very hard ? It is so boring ]
A: [Logical difficulty is same in any language because the languages adding new things in it for example in Java for each is added in JDK 1.5 it is added in C++11 so There is no easy and hard programming it is according the situations we choose languages. C++ seem hard for some students when they use pointers otherwise the difficulty level is quite equal according to my point of view but the Object Oriented approach of Java is more clean than object oriented approach of C++ . But try to enjoy C++ coding boring language is Visual Basic till some college teaching students even in 2014 ]



Q: [Can you do this project it is difficult for you ?]
A: [Irritating question I never said I can't Develop this software according to past records I can develop any software which others can or some times many of them can't]