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I'm the only one plan the Architecture of the Software then do the Engineering to achieve the tasks I planed. I do testing many times while developing even though after that I have some good hearts I ask them to test it too. Now the software is ready.


S.Anton Arulvannan
OCA JP Java 7(By Certificate )

I get practiced with many college students and their course works in Universities both BIT and Masters , It blessed me with knowledge to work with many different technologies. Every university or college has different approaches of teaching By God grace I study many Colleges and Universities approaches on teaching programming to make students become Software Engineers or IT fellows.


In Java I read nearly 12 to 15 well known books some books are used by University of York UK for their MS students in both Software Engineering and IT. I wrote by first C coding in 1999 then big gap. I wrote by first Java Coding in 2001 June. After big gap from 2007 till this day I'm living with Java I love Java.

Only one year in 2000 I studied in University of Jaffna because of my country situations 7 years I have been as refugee but the love on Education made me study even I had many political pressures to block my education. I thank God for that.