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About Company

SEAAAV is a Software Development Company which is developing softwares with current technologies in the market , I use any almost all programming language accodrding to the need , even any new tools. SEAAAV covering all areas from mobile apps , web application and Standalone Software.

My Statement

People says that I have 10 years exp , I have 15 years exp , But for my point of view to develop a software I give training to me to become experienced in using the tools which I'm going to use to develop a software. Then I find intelligent simple solution then I make the solution work by programming languages. I'm sure when I have been a foot ball player for 15 years that does not make me play in world cup. I have experience but experts experiences in books when I need to use tools for a job I read those expert's saying in books and use those tools while developing. This is how I work. I like challenging hard projects always.

Few small size websies I developped this year

Holy Cross Nursing School
Bio Bab Rsturent Mannar
This is for a Catholic Rev Mission

Dental Clinic Web Developped 2 years Before

Drugs Manage System to handle Single owner's 3 Drug store or 3 Hospitals

Cash book Reader

My Inventory Management System

It will read Data fom Excel and write output in Excel , pdf.Billing in both POS and A4

The technologies I use

  • I use Java as my mother tongue but by certificate I'm only Oracle Certified Associate Programmer for Java 7 on Aug 5th 2013. I use C++,C# and Objective-C
  • To do web applications I use JSF , PHP+javaScript, now I began to use C# with ASPX
  • For Mobile , I can develop apps for Android , iOS, JME, BlackBerry