As Coder from 2010-2012

I have been doing doing Java coding for to do Maths Applications , and I did a Data mining project of Malaysia gov through a contractor, which is to do data  mining and create Soft Directory for Non formal Education Providers for all Malaysian states.  

As a Trainer for Software Engineering Undergraduates of Malaysian Universities 

I train for Exams for their Modules which Include , Introduction to Database , Advance Database Design , Introduction to Programming (C++), Advanced Programming (Java), Mobile App Development (iOS ,Android ) , Web Projects (PHP). These are the modules I trained for Undergraduates . And I assist for Software Engineering FYPs many be around 25 during that time.

I appear in Programs as a Poet, I published 2 poetry Books.

My Poems had been published through Tamil Weekly News papers.

Then I spent time on  Writing

I write Articles to well known Weekly Tamil news papers in Sri Lanka specially in North. When there are any Information Technology related struggle in Country I instantly analyse and write article to enrich public with knowledge.