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    It is about SEAAAV's Type In Tamil Software

    Where you can type in multiple ways and share the content
    This is tested in Windows , Mac and Linux
    When you download it may worn you it will harm your computer
    The file is executable Jar that is why
    After you download it just double click It works
    When you want to save file, name the file and save
    a text file will be in the same folder where the Tamil.jar is

    This is first version but please comunicate for any if any
    Type In Tamil
    To use copy and paste you can use short cuts coppy Ctrl+c Paste Ctrl+p

    It is about SEAAAV Limited's Credit Sales Softwarer but can't keep cheque records

    SEAAAV's Credit Sales
    Download Extract in prefered Location create short cut for Jar File then double click and use from short cut your database files w will be created in the folder so don't erace any files from the folder.

    Friend of dentist 1.8 is avilable in Play Store , iTune and Windows Phone Shop

    Patient Manager 1.6 is Now Avilable in Play Store , iTune and Windows Phone Shop

    If you want windows or OSX Version contact me
    Thank You